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What is Chakreview ?

Chakreview is a Job Market watchdog driven by people. This is the distinctive platform which provides news, reviews, analysis of Job & education Market and highlights issues faced by common people. The issues are not limited to the Job Market , but also includes current affairs, politics and education. We highlight the intricacies to safeguard the social interest of the people. Chakreview is the power and voice of people.We are fearless and we speak the truth. We analyze the events that inflict harm into the field of Jobs, education and all the issues concerning the society.


Our concept is “Independent Analysis for people, through people”. Our conviction is to highlight the social wrong doings. We work for the cause of people and conduct online campaigns to enhance the awareness of people. The system implementation, is sometimes misleading and our job is to straighten out the fault. Chakreview is the best platform where you can raise your concern on Job, education & social issues.


Similar to the notion of ‘Chakravyuha’ in the great epic ‘Mahabharata’, where intricate army formations were implemented, we at Chakreview are dedicated in creating such impregnable platform, which is necessary today, to safeguard the society from the corrupt system, inefficient administration and injustice.

What can you do here?

You can raise issues concerning your Job, education and society,comment & Share articles with your friends.If you have the positive vision, serious concern for the society and have the genuine aspiration for social reforms, send us your observation, feedback and opinion. To support Chakreview, join us, share the platform with us and support our mission. It will consequently put immense pressure on the system to prevent the worst practices and will bring relief to the common man.

Our team of writers includes freelance expert writers from different areas which are Economists, HR Experts, and Journalists who work for reputed business and media houses.You can also join our team and contribute to society.

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