Bangalore: The IT hub of India!

Of the four metros of India, which are also one of the biggest in the world, Bangalore is one city whose name is being taken by corporate and multinational companies all over the world. Undoubtedly, Bangalore is the IT backbone of India, and below are a few reasons to prove the statement!

The employment in Bangalore is what makes it a IT hub basically. Bangalore is one of the top ten most preferred entrepreneurial locations on the globe, and its 83 billion dollar GDP contributes immensely to the country. It is listed 4th in the top 20 cities that contribute to the GDP of India. Bangalore is not just the IT capital, but also one of the employment capitals of India. Between 2004 and 2005 alone, IT companies had hired over 2,00,000 workers. There were articles in news that stated the question if Bangalore is bigger than the tech giant Silicon Valley.


Bangalore’s IT infrastructure: 

The IT infrastructure of Bangalore is amazing and world class. Every year, Bangalore exports over 18,000 crore rupees worth

Bangalore - The IT hub of India -

Bangalore – The IT hub of India –

software. The real estate is one thing which has played a major role in perking up the city’s IT infrastructure in a big way. Bangalore is an opportunity galore for employees and employers, and especially entrepreneurs. The office of i-flex solutions, for an instance, is one of the coolest buildings in India. I-flex solutions is a world leader in providing solutions in the financial sector.


IT companies in Bangalore:  In a way, we can say Bangalore is a conglomeration of many IT companies, most of them being one of the largest in India and also in the world. A few examples are : Accenture, IBM, Cisco, HP, Dell etc. The marvelous infrastructure and quality education, plus the technological flair of young people have attracted many MNCs to make Bangalore their primary hub. The constant improvement in the field of education and infrastructure too had played a pivotal role in boosting the economy of the city on a global scale.


Why is Bangalore the IT hub of India?

Bangalore is also nicknamed as the Silicon Valley of India, like Silicon Valley located in California, a mega hub for IT companies in the USA. The beginning of 21st century saw the mammoth growth of internet based multinational companies in Bangalore. The IT industry of Bangalore grew rampantly in this phase, as many regional, national as well as international IT companies began establishing their offices in the city. The 2001 edition of BusinessWeek magazine showcased the various developments and highs of Bangalore by tracing its IT industry, and titled Bangalore as the Silicon Valley of India. It is a very known fact that most of the IT companies in and around the globe are housed in Bangalore, in areas that are named as Software Technology Park of India (STPI), Electronics City, International Tech Park of Bangalore (ITPB). And not only IT companies, but many of India’s public sector as well as private sector companies have their head offices stationed in Bangalore.


Mostly, development is seen over years or even decades. But in the case of Bangalore, development is happening month by month, with dozens of IT companies setting their feet in Bangalore, the IT hub of India.