Are you unknowingly supporting terrorism, by using Pakistani song websites: Complete Report!

Are you a music lover, and download music from internet? Which websites you use for that- Well if so then here is alarm for you.

This is a pakistani website which is involved in hacking of Indian computers and terror funding, with  the money that it generates from ads revenue. Not only this, there are other such pakistani websites operating which have huge visitors from India. Just think how can they offer songs downloading free as this is copy righted material.

Here is complete report about Pakistani song websites and threats associated:

The intelligence agencies in India have found that a lot of anti-India groups in Pakistan trying to hack the computer networks of India, especially after Mumbai attacks. And the websites to download hindi songs are found to be main weapon. Besides with the Hindi songs downloading websites from Pakistan offer pirated content free to download, it is attracting more and more Indian users. For instance, the is such a hindi songs downloading websites with at least 120 thousands regular Indian users This provides an easy platform for those hackers to take their course into Indian computer networks. A recent report from a cyber expert in ministry of India has disclosed that such songs websites are spreading new kind virus and worms in the Indian computer with each download carried out. Since every new virus cannot be detected with antivirus, it could be a thing of minutes to take control of your computer and if this computer is of Govt. office then it could be even dangerous, since it could contain confidential information.

Terror Funding and piracy:

The download song website originating from Pakistan usually does not follow piracy laws and it is posing a huge loss for the entertainment industry. Especially, the songs pk downloads include exclusive amount of hindi songs breaking the copyright laws of the owners and making it available for download in India. These kinds of business is on the one hand bringing big loss to the Indian Tinsel town and on the other hand pouring them unprecedented amount of money with large number of visitors. This is a source of smile for such anti-India groups in Pakistan as they are successful at luring Indian visitors for causing damage to India itself. The huge sums of money these websites are earning from the large number of Indian visitors are used for terror funding to disturb the peace and stability of Indian society!

From the records of anti-terrorism departments of most of the country, it is found that the principle bases of many terror groups of the world lies inside the Pakistani territory. This is the apparent disclosure that they receive their funding from within Pakistan.


So if you were unaware of these facts and using such websites then think again, as you action can harm your own country and your information also.

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