Career options in airline industry: Explained!

Running an airline requires covering an extensive range of functions and duties for that are assigned to different positions. The majority of such positions entail widespread customer service contact that has need of strong interpersonal as well as communication skills.Persons choosing a career in aviation industry may also acquire the precise employing needs for such positions by looking up the profession posting particulars or getting in touch with the exact airline.

Here are the best careers in aviation industry, elaborated  below:

1. Air traffic control 

The duty of Air traffic controller is to maintain the security as well as orderly movement of aircraft down the length of the most important air routes and around airports by providing pilots with instructions and advices on the speed, height, and course.

There’re three sorts of Air traffic control jobs, which are area controllers, approach controllers as well as aerodrome controllers. The most of Air traffic control jobs are at the control centers as area controllers whose responsibility is to keep aircraft flying. Approach controllers control movement of aircrafts into and away from an airfield, whereas aerodrome controllers direct aircrafts from the time they land till they reach the terminal. Air traffic control jobs typically involve, maintaining radio/radar contact with airplane, guiding aircraft’s’ movement on the way or in an airport, instructing airplanes to take off/descend and  assigning eventual cruising level,  Informing airplanes of climatic conditions, ensuring the maintenance of the least distance among planes and managing unforeseen events, urgent situations and unprepared traffic.

2. Airline flight attendants

Foremost duty of airline flight attendants is the security of the airplane cabin and its travelers. Flight attendant are required to fulfill the Federal Aviation Regulations. FAR necessitate the flight attendants to be onboard the aircraft with the solitary function of carrying out safety-related responsibilities. This profile involves Air Hostess and Flight Stewards jobs which are best career options after 12th for people having good communication skills, pleasing personality and confidence.

All air hostess aspirants ought to be familiar with the qualifications for an air hostess and restrictions to be able to make plans to accomplish their dream. Having degrees in mass communication, psychology would be additional benefits in becoming an air hostess. Qualifications for an air hostess consist of FAA certification that’s compulsory for all the flight attendants together with qualities like good office communication skills, knowledge of speaking confident English, being familiar with a few foreign languages, polite behavior, etc. The necessities for getting airlines cabin crew jobs also consist of belonging to the age group of 17 to 25 years and having a fine individuality, presence of mind and interpersonal proficiency. Everyone completing an aviation diploma will be taught all of the occupations of airlines cabin crew jobs as well as the ground duty set of laws. Also Significant for people endeavoring for airlines cabin crew jobs is to have a good vision and fulfill the tallness and weight principles set by different airlines.

3. Flight Pursers

On completing 3 – 5 years, on the basis of one’s performance, an air hostess is entitled to turn into a flight pursuer. His/her duties grow with him/her taking over the charge of the on-board cabin crew. His/her salary usually gets doubled.

4. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

They have a stellar responsibility in the Aviation division because they are the people who guarantee the perfect condition of the aircraft prior to its taking off. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer requires being totally focused on security. The job of the Aircraft Engineer is certifying that the airplane’s fit to be released. The job of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is inclusive of analytical as well as mechanic responsibilities covering preservation, fixation and repair apart from carrying out of examination and amendments of an airplane.

For choosing a career in aviation industry in India as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer its necessary for the Applicants to go through a certificate course of 3 years on aircraft preservation engineering.

5. Aviation Doctors

Their  job is to conduct a thorough health check of Pilots as well as additional employees in accordance with the standards of Aviation Medicine as well as the Central Medicine Establishment, both of which are run by the Air Force.

6. Flight Dispatchers

These are the people providing update to all of the Pilots prior to a flight about the weather conditions, flight course and making the flight optimal.

7. Flight and Ground Instructors

Flight instructors provide Pilots with education on a number of systems and primarily have an engineering backdrop while the Ground Instructors have an operation background. Flight instructors are generally mature Pilots who generally carry out line responsibilities.

8. Commercial Pilots

 The hefty pay packages and the thrill of flying thousands feet above the seal level makes the job commercial pilot highly rewarding and exciting. After undergoing extensive training and completion of examination, one gets the commercial pilot license. After attaining the license, one can start off with the domestic airlines such as Spice Jet, Jet Airways and Indigo.

9. The Factor Facilitators

 These guys provide schooling to the cockpit as well as the cabin squad regarding resource management.

Because of the everyday increase of privatization and overseas alliance the prospect of the Aviation sector is extremely bright. The majority of the airways are on the look out to enlarge their task force and thereby providing candidates wishing in choosing a career in aviation industry in India with various possibilities.It is a good option to go for aviation courses for higher education.


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