Top 10 Largest Exporters of Defence Market


Dealings in arms and weapons have been happening since the initiation of wars in the world. France, United Kingdom, Netherlands and some parts of Germany had been self-reliant since the onset of the modern era in the production of arms. The surfacing of contemporary weapons industry took place during the 2nd half of the 19th century due to the formation and development of the initially established hefty industrial organizations..

In the following section, market share of the leading exporters of major warheads  is given.


Top 10 Largest Exporters of Defence Market - Chakreview

Top 10 Largest Exporters of Defence Market – Chakreview

United States

The share of United States is in the weapon export market is 33% according to the latest statistics. US sells weapons to over 50 countries in the world.


Russia’s share in this aspect has been 25% as per the statistics. Major portion of exports from Russia are transported to Asia and Oceania. The 5 biggest importers of Russia’s arms are India, Africa, Middle East, China and Vietnam. Also, Russia has been a regular supplier of aircrafts and missiles Indonesia and Malaysia.


China’s share comes to 5.9%. China being a communist country has found its place in the Top 5 of this list. Some of its biggest recipients of arms include Pakistan and Africa.


France’s share in this market list is 5.6% as per the statistics given. Major share goes into exports to regions of Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa.


Germany’s share as per the latest statistics comes to 4.7%. Germany’s major clients are from the regions of Europe, Asia, Oceania, America, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Algeria.

United Kingdom

In the past, UK used to enjoy a position in the Top 5. But, China overpowered it and the position of UK came down to 6th in the list. UK’s share in the export market is 4.5%.


Spain has 3.5% share in the world exports. Spain’s major chunk of ammunitions goes to Saudi Arabia.


2.7% of arms export is done by Italy as per the given statistics. Italy’ major weapon’s deal is done with Israel. The deal is very significant as Italy’s economy has been a bit unstable of late.


Ukraine’s arms export share is 2.6%. The country has a separate state-run weapons exporter known as Ukrspecexport. This company has dealings with around 78 countries over the globe. Ukraine’s arms exports are generally diverted to Asia, Africa, Europe and America.


Netherland’s share as per the statistics is a mere 2%.