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Increasing number of BPO industries wants increasing number of employees to keep their clock ticking. As per the NASSCOM report total revenue generation by IT and BPO, industry in the financial year, 2011 will be $88.1 billion out of which BPO industry will have a contribution of 19%. Looking at the pace with which this industry is growing there will be average 10 percent growth in direct employment with availability of almost 2.4 lakh jobs. In recent years, much of the young brigade will be earning hefty income from this industry however, for many enthusiasts the biggest barrier to be employed in a BPO is interview. Here are few questions and their specifications that will help you formulate their answers so as to crack these interviews and grab your much-awaited opportunities.

Tips for BPO interview :

  • Always remember that everyone feels nervous on interviews therefore, allow yourself to be nervous so that you can do much better as the condition is same with the interviewer also.
  • Few points that you have to be careful about whenever you are facing interview is to be upbeat and positive and never be negative.
  • Most of the interview questions are for catch so don’t fall prey rehearse your answers and time them and when you are speaking make sure you never talk for more than 2 minutes straight.
  • Some of the best strategies that will help you crack any interview are to find out what people want then show them how you are able and helpful to get it for them.
  • For better results and selling yourself, you have to turn your weaknesses in to strengths and think before you answer because a pause to collect your thoughts is a hallmark of thoughtful person.


Common BPO interview questions and answers:


  • Tell me About Yourself.

Be aware of the catch because 80 percent of interviews imperative of the industry starts with this innocent question so never rumble and grumble around your autobiography. Best way to sell you with this question is to understand the exact needs, wants and problem or goal of the interviewer. Design your answer around the needs of the interviewer and telling them about how it is parallel to something that you have done before with illustrative examples of your achievements and responsibilities.

  • Why do you choose BPO industry for your career?

Never tell about money or easy going fast paced culture of BPO industry instead tell about positive points, personality traits, convince about your strengths and have upright information about the reality realms of the industry. Think of an ideal answer that will portray you as serious, knowledgeable and professional person.

  • Are you comfortable working in flexible shifts?

Sell yourself with appropriate words like, I can work efficiently with same zeal, enthusiasm and stamina at any time of the day, I am energetic and enthusiastic about my work etc. For better results, you can start with reality without lying like “I am as I will have few difficulties in the beginning but with habitual work my body will adapt to the changing to the environment”.

  • What are your greatest Strengths?

Although the question seems to be a softball, you are expected to stay calm and never come out arrogant or egotistical representation and neither you have to remain humble. For answering this question, preparation prior interview is necessary listing your strengths and delivering them appropriately with your own catch that satisfies the exact needs and wants of the interviewer is the best answer. You can try some strength like a proven record of accomplishment or achiever, honesty, integrity a decent human being, good communication skills, definiteness of purpose and confident and healthy leader with clear goals.

  • What are your greatest weaknesses?

A typical trap questions designed to shorten the shortlisted candidates therefore you will have to disguise your own strength as weakness. You can create answers depending on your abilities where you can depict your strengths and honesty required for the position in addition; mention you have no any weakness that could affect your ability to desire to perform for the applied position. In another option you can mention what you like most and what you like least, in what you like most you can mention all the positive points matching up with the most important qualification and success in the position making what you like least look negligible.

  • What are the reasons for leaving your previous Job?

Make sure you never badmouth your previous company, industry, boss, staff, colleague’s, employees or customers this is inviolable because any mud you hurl will only soil your suit. Be prepared with best reasons and state honestly whatever be the reason along with brief description about past opportunity and what you are looking in this opportunity.

  • Are you confident about your communication skills in convincing people?

Although this questions seems straight forward this can act as killer question of elimination because you will have to sell yourself and convince the interviewer about your skills and capabilities. While answering this question always be positive and say ”Yes” any negative approach won’t be tolerated as BPO is field which needs very efficient communication skills. In addition, you cam mention few points over the past jobs where you have been successful in selling products over the call along with some achievements or awards if you have received any in your previous jobs.


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