Career in Graphic Design: Explained

Information about Graphic Design

Graphic design is the process of combining textual materials and graphical elements  in the form of logos, brochures, pamphlets, posters, boards, etc for advertisements. Graphic designers are responsible for designing beautiful advertisements for the newspapers, covers of books, magazines, CDs, flash animations in the websites, etc. Graphic designs must be pleasing to the eyes of audience and should attract their attention. This field of study requires a great deal of creativity, patience and technological ideas.

Scope and Opportunities in Graphic Design:

There is large scope in graphic designing and good career opportunities. Graphic designers are required for designing brochures, posters, various tickets, sign boards, cards, covers for magazines as well as books, T-shirts, different logos, advertisement banners for web users etc. With the development of technology the need for more effective advertisements is increasing and this is creating great opportunities to the people in the field of graphic design. Since this field is a very wide, the scope and job opportunities are very strong.

Graphic Designing careers: One can go for following careers in Graphic designing.

  • Creative Art Director:

This is a high post for a person from Graphic design background who takes care of a team of professionals to create graphic artworks that are published in magazines, television, internet, billboards or even consumer products. He take care of completing the work on time and seek client satisfaction. Such professionals require degree in advertising, design as well as quality training in graphic designs.


  • Layout Artist:

A layout artist is responsible for executing perfect structure and layout of graphical work to be published through print media. Their prime objective is to make sure that the graphic work is in perfect format, easy to communicate and attractive to viewer’s eye.


  • Photo Artist:

People who are efficient in using photo editing programs such as the Photoshop can become  photo artists. This is one of the inevitable departments of the graphic design and required in every department of graphical world.


  • Multimedia Designers:

They are an important part of the films and television industry as they are responsible for designing sketches, characters for animations films, drawings and costumes designs, etc.


  • Web Designer:

A web designer creates the web pages in perfect layouts with suitable graphical materials. This is the basic part of developing websites which will be viewed by thousands of visitors online. This is a very popular job and pays handsomely around the world.Here is the complete detail about a career in web designing.

Graphic Design institutes in India:

The courses in graphic designing are available across the world from different graphic design institutes and colleges. They offer from degree courses to certificate courses both in campus and online. Some of the online destinations for such studies are; The Art Institute, International Academy of Design and Technology Online, The NIIT cloud campus, etc. There are many graphic design institutes in India providing campus courses in graphic designs such as Arena Animation Academy, WLC College India, Frameboxx Animation & Visual effects, MAAC, The Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation, etc. The duration of the course may vary from several months short term courses to 3 year degree courses depending on the course structure selected.

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