Career as a News Anchor – Let’s Analyze

One of the most flourishing and rapidly expanding field is that of media and mass communication. There are so many new, creative and attractive careers emerging from this industry. One such career is that of a News or a TV Anchor. If you desire to become a News or TV Anchor and wish to acquire important information regarding the same to help you decide about this career, you must read on.

Career as a News Anchor –

Career as a News Anchor –

Discussed below are key aspects of a career as News or TV Anchor in India that you may find useful:

Career Profile of a News/ TV Anchor:  

The chief job of a News Anchor is to work with a news channel and present the daily news at local or national level. Apart from broadcasting the news, they may also have to travel to various locations to gather on-sight news reports, public opinion, cover news events, etc. A TV Anchor, on the other hand, is required to host a show and entertain the audience. However, the term News Anchor and TV Anchor is also often used interchangeably as more or less their work is the same. There are certain skills that recruiters look for in the candidates aspiring to become News or TV Anchor. For instance, analytical skills, ability to prioritize information, communication skills, debating skills, ability to work on deadline oriented task, managerial and organizational skills, ability to work for long hour or under erratic schedule, camera presence, etc.

Different Career Options for News Anchors

 If you wish to become a News or a TV Anchor, there are certain career options within this domain that you can consider. For instance, the particular stream in which you would like to go (such as news, music channels, reality TV shows, etc.). Every career option comes with a well-defined set of job duties and responsibilities. There are many amazing prospects and countless incredible work opportunities that one can explore in this career.

Career Scope of News Anchor

 The scope of a career as a News or TV Anchor has a lot of scope as there are so many new media houses opening up. The field offers such huge potential for growth and development as a professional. There are numerous well established and reputed companies that are offering exciting job prospects and opportunities to those interested in this career. It is perhaps one of the most lucrative and sought after career in media.

Salary Range:  How much TV News anchors make?

The salary package that a professional working as a News or TV Anchor receives is widely varied because of multiple factors such as the qualification they have, the kind of work experience they have, the media house that hires them, whether they are employed in the public sector or the private sector, their popularity, etc. However, on an average, a News or TV Anchor in India receives a salary package of INR 5-15 Lacs per annum. With good work performance, bonuses, experience and promotion, the pay increases further.

Education Qualification:  What does it take to be a News Anchor?

The job of a News or a TV Anchor is very professional. A candidate needs to have education and training relevant to the field in order to make an entry in this career. For an entry level job in this field, a person is required to have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Mass Communication or a related course. However, some organization or media houses may prefer candidates with a higher qualification degree. Apart from obtaining the required qualification, the work experience (if any) that they candidate has also matter a lot to the recruiters. Thus, to enhance their chances at getting better job opportunities and work prospects, one must consider doing internships along with their education.

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